Fixing the 200 treadwear rule

The SCCA and other sanctioning bodies typically have a rule that separates race tires from street tires for classing purposes. Currently, a treadwear rating of 200 is what this rule is based on. Any tire that is equal to or greater than 200 is considered a street tire, while everything below is a race tire. But there is a problem with this; the treadwear rating number, also known as UTQG (Uniform Tire Quality Grading) is arbitrary and means absolutely nothing.

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Trump Administration To Roll Back Draconain Obama CAFE Standards

Back in 2012, I wrote and article about how absurd Obama’s 54.5 mpg CAFE regulations were. You can see that article, which is still relevant, here. One of the things I mentioned in that article was how Jimmy Carter did a similar thing back in the 70’s but thankfully was repealed by the Regan administration. History seems to repeating itself because news came today that the Trump EPA is rolling back the totally insane Obama era plan.

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Flowmaster Pro Series Muffler Review

A while back I received this Flowmaster Pro Series muffler as a promotional item from I have been sitting on the muffler for quite some time when after an alignment shop somehow managed to damage my exhaust, I had the perfect excuse to install it. I can now finally report back on this interesting muffler design.

Installed on my 3rd gen Firebird. It fits in the factory location designed for a oval muffler.

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