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Cars I can’t believe reached production

There is a number of cars throughout history that seem so strange or bizarre that I honestly cant believe they reached production – let alone what they were thinking when they designed them. There is a few exceptions, but virtually all of them came from GM. Lets take a look at these unusual cars and […]

UTQG and Treadwear explained

I wrote a while back about the SCCA treadwear rule and really how it makes no sense. But there is something that can be learned about a tire from its treadwear number.

Why are there no Naturally Aspirated Diesels?

Recently at a Cafe, a young couple sitting next to me were taking about turbos (what are the odds!). Thinking that this conversation was right up my alley, I got talking with them and they asked me a question that caught me off guard: why are there no naturally aspirated diesel engines?

Cosmo MuchoMacho. Silly name, good tires

These Cosmo MuchoMacho tires have a very silly name, but wow, they are so cheap and good!

Adjustable end-links for classic muscle cars

How to make sway-bar end links that are adjustable for classic cars.

Understanding turbo choke

I have always wanted a turbo engine. Now that my engine is at the end of its life I now have the opportunity to build one from the ground up. This gets into a whole mess of other issues that connect back to my earlier post about the limitations of the Gen 1 Chevy Small […]

Fixing the 200 treadwear rule

The SCCA and other sanctioning bodies typically have a rule that separates race tires from street tires for classing purposes. Currently, a treadwear rating of 200 is what this rule is based on. Any tire that is equal to or greater than 200 is considered a street tire, while everything below is a race tire. […]

California looks to remove freedoms after Kevin Hart crash

Kevin Harts crash of his highly modified 1970 Plymouth Barracuda is all over the news. Luckily the government is getting ready to swoop in to save us all from anything like this ever happening again.

The shocking importance of an Oil Catch Can

Rambling about brakes