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Notes on tuning an EFI system

The other night I answered some questions on a forum about tuning an EFI system. I thought I did a pretty good job in my response so I posted it here.

First start with your Megasquirt (or possibly other standalone fuel injection system)

When I was ready to start my freshly built engine for the first time using my Megasquirt II fuel injection system, I ran into some issues that I could not easily find answers for. One of the reasons for this was how incomplete and disorganized the information concerning the Megasquirt is. I hope that this […]

Testing fuel injectors

Still trying to track down issues with the engine. Here is how I tested my new injectors just to be absolutely certain they were not the problem.

Megasquirting a 383 SBC

Recently I have been setting up and learning a lot about the Megasquirt EFI system which I plan on using to run the engine in my brothers 1989 Firebird. We (my brother and I) decided to go with this system due to its affordability and how its designed to work with GM sensors. It also […]

Chassis dyno accuracy

Far to often I see posts on various forums about someone’s dyno results showing unbelievable horsepower from a stock or relatively stock car. The problem with this is that the numbers these dyno’s produce are taken as law, that they are some sort of irrefutable proof of the cars output.

The lowdown on a laggy throttle

Why your throttle can hang, lag, be slow or just unresponsive.