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The F1 Turbo Era

I found this great video on the development of a new F1 engine at the beginning of the turbo era. This video is quite long so I suggest you sit back and relax with an adult beverage of your choosing.

Why alternative engine designs have never met much success

We have had piston and poppet valves longer than we have had the internal combustion engine. But over the years, there has some been some different ideas and engine designs that have tried to challenge the traditional piston engine… All have failed.

Megasquirting a 383 SBC

Recently I have been setting up and learning a lot about the Megasquirt EFI system which I plan on using to run the engine in my brothers 1989 Firebird. We (my brother and I) decided to go with this system due to its affordability and how its designed to work with GM sensors. It also […]

Direct injection and dirty intake valves

Direct injection is all the rage right now, but I was surprised to learn that there seems to be some issues with it. A friend of mine has one of the newer turbo BMW 335i’s that use direct injection and he was asking me if there was anything that he could do to clean the […]

Chassis dyno accuracy

Far to often I see posts on various forums about someone’s dyno results showing unbelievable horsepower from a stock or relatively stock car. The problem with this is that the numbers these dyno’s produce are taken as law, that they are some sort of irrefutable proof of the cars output.

The truth about those bolt-on mods

Those bolt-on high performance parts may be nothing more than a placebo!

How do you know if motor oil brand ‘A’ is better than brand ‘B’?

I bet you swear by the oil you use. But why? How do you know if its any good or not?