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Absurd – 54.5 mpg mandate by 2025.

I couldn’t believe it when I read it. It was announced today (8/28/12) that the Obama administration has mandated a 54.5 mpg CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standard by 2025. The funny thing is, I was just thinking how the 35.5 mpg CAFE standard, which will be enforced by 2016, was already going to change […]

Dont bet on natural gas anytime soon

Don’t expect any solutions from natural gas anytime soon.

The goverment wants you to drive a small car

Natural gas looks like it may be the perfect fuel for weaning ourselves off foreign oil. We have a lot of it, it burns much cleaner, and it can be used with our current engine technology. I think the reason why this fuel hasn’t been embraced is mostly political.