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Adjustable end-links for classic muscle cars

How to make sway-bar end links that are adjustable for classic cars.

Why new cars tend to handle better than older cars

I think few would argue against that old cars have more character and are simply cooler than modern cars; but the performance of modern cars is undeniable even though they are bigger and weigh more than ever. So how is it that all of these modern sports cars (and many non-sports cars) that tip the scales at 3500lbs+ (even […]

Linear vs progressive rate springs

We are lucky to live in a time that has so many options available for upgrading a suspension. There are so many companies that make high performance components like coilover system, springs and shocks; and they are made for pretty much any application. It is possible now (though, for a price) to simply go online […]

What you should know about wheel spacers

I have been working hard lately on my old 1989 Pontiac Firebird to get it back on the road. We (my brother and I) recently got it running with a Megasquirt II and I have been tying up loose ends so it can go to the dyno without incident.  There has been one issue that […]

Why your car handles like a brick

Here in America, where we have long straight roads crossing most of the country, automotive development traditionally lie in producing huge engines that were best suited in pulling a car down a quarter mile. Just look at some of the classic muscle cars that were produced: the 454 Chevelle, 455 Firebird, 440 Charger; all legendary […]

How cars have progressed since the 60’s

I was watching the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where hes talking about his 1966 Ford Galaxie restoration; after seeing this, you can really appreciate how far cars have come in terms of handling and braking.

Easy on the reverse ackerman!

A little lesson learned about reverse-Ackerman on a formula SAE car.