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Cosmo MuchoMacho. Silly name, good tires

These Cosmo MuchoMacho tires have a very silly name, but wow, they are so cheap and good!

Fixing the 200 treadwear rule

The SCCA and other sanctioning bodies typically have a rule that separates race tires from street tires for classing purposes. Currently, a treadwear rating of 200 is what this rule is based on. Any tire that is equal to or greater than 200 is considered a street tire, while everything below is a race tire. […]

A funny thing about exotics…

If you ever see an older exotic car at a show, like a Murcielago or early 2000’s Ferrari, take a look at the manufacture date on the tires.  A funny thing with these cars is that its fairly rare for people to put many miles on them, and therefore, their tires never ‘wear out’. Furthermore, […]

Tires – Sidewalls vs Air pressure

The Vredestein tires I’m running have very soft sidewalls (carcass) making for a smooth ride. Unfortunately, handling and stability has suffered and is something I miss quite a bit. So why not just inflate the tires with more air pressure to counter the compliant tire construction?

Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta review

My trusty Nitto Invo’s had come to the end of their life and it was now time for some new meat for my 350z. If you read my previous review of them, you would know that I was very impressed with the Invo’s and that they held up to everything I threw at them – […]

What you should know about wheel spacers

I have been working hard lately on my old 1989 Pontiac Firebird to get it back on the road. We (my brother and I) recently got it running with a Megasquirt II and I have been tying up loose ends so it can go to the dyno without incident.  There has been one issue that […]

Old tires vs modern tires

I recently found a set of old bias-ply tires which I think are from the 70’s. Looking over these tires makes you realize how far tire technology has come in a relatively short time.

Its all about the tires!

Have you ever heard anyone says “this car doesn’t do well in the snow”? If you have, then you have possibly heard the most ignorant words ever spoken. Somehow people don’t know that your tires have an effect on traction.

Aftermarket tire siping

I was not aware until today that there was a service available from various tire retailers to sipe a non-siped tire. Apparently, this is advertised to extend the life of your tires, make them run cooler and increase grip. But if you already read my post on how snow tires work, then you would know […]

Review of Nitto Invo tires

I had a set of Nitto Invo tires put on my 350Z daily driver early this year, replacing the factory Bridgestone Potenza RE050A’s. I drove them through the spring, fall, and the beginning of winter, under pretty much every condition a tire like this would see. I’m happy to report that these are probably the best all around high-performance summer tire that I have driven on to date.