The Corvette and the future C7

A friend of mine who has owned many Porsche’s and exotic cars over the years is, to the shock of his exotic car friends, looking to get an older Corvette Z06. This has made me think a lot about the Corvette and some of the BS that the big magazines publish about every new Corvette on the horizon.

Every time a new Corvette is on the horizon, it seems the big car magazines dig up their old articles and re-publish them before they have any real information on the new car. Maybe they are trying to scoop the rest of the automotive industry, but it almost seem like an inside joke. Here’s some things that always come up that will never happen.

1. A mid-engine Corvette. The article in the big mags always starts off like “The idea of a mid-engine layout was discussed..” or “Rumor has it that a mid-engine Corvette is a possibility.”. Honestly, I don’t know why they post this every time a new vette is around the corner because its never going to happen. The definition of a Corvette is a front engine v8 sport car and its never going to change. If they did make something mid-engine, it wouldn’t be called a Corvette.

2. Something other than a v8 will power the car. Sorry, a rotary engine will never be made by GM again.

3. The interior quality will somehow be better or as good as other car brands in the same price range. This is a mystery and no one knows truly why it is. There are theories though, one I heard that made some sense was this: Since the unions have made the cost of labor more expensive than any other car brand, GM simply cant afford to put in a nice interior and make the car competitive. Its where they save money…

4. It will look something like the radical concept car. The opposite will more likely be true.

So there you have it. Because the Corvette is such an iconic car, GM will never do anything that breaks its own mold. The same is true for Porsche and their 911. They just wouldn’t be Corvettes or 911’s if they were radically different than what their predecessors were.

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