Setting the correct pinion angle

When you open a shop manual for setting pinion angles or look it up online, generally, they give a specification for what it should be for your car. But, if your car has been modified, which it most likely is because you’re reading this, the pinion angle listed probably wont work.


My car was designed for a T5 transmission which was substantially smaller than the T56 I now run. I might have been able to get the correct driveline angles if I ran my car at the factory ride height, but since my car is lowered, the large size of the T56 limited how high I could raise the transmission to correct the angle at the front U-joint. The solution was to make an extension over the trans tunnel to allow it to be raised.
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Flowmaster Pro Series Muffler

Some time ago, I ran across an interesting muffler design from Flowmaster. The design used two perforated sheet metal cones mounted point to point inside the muffler case. Back then, the muffler was called the “Hush Power” series; but now they are calling it the “Pro Series” line. Strangely, They also have a smaller pipe diameter version called the DBX series; I’m not sure why they name those differently.


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Latest track day

I must say these are the worst cars and the level of development to get the car to this level is obscene. There is faster 3rd gen F-bodies, but those cars are not practical on the street at all, while mine still does ok.

Not the fastest car in the world, but I think shocking for what the car is. The car was on NT05 street tires.

Why Paul Walker was important.

With the new Fast and Furious 7 movie in theaters now, I have seen a lot of traffic to my post about Paul Walkers tragic accident. His accident received a lot of attention when it happened and has been renewed with the new movie. I have seen some comments about the level of attention his passing has received; many wondering, even understanding how tragic it was, why it was such a big deal or questioning if it’s being blown out of proportion. Let me tell you why I think Paul Walker was important, and why his death has effected so many.


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I guess I now write for Jalopnik?

*Note this has been resolved. Jalopnik, Opposite lock and Garrett Davis have all handled this with the utmost professionalism and respect.*

I recently read an article on Jalopnik covering different myths about brakes and rotors; when only a paragraph in, I realized there seemed to be a striking similarity between the Jalopnik article written for their Opposite lock section by Garrett Davis and my own.

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Why new cars tend to handle better than older cars

I think few would argue against that old cars have more character and are simply cooler than modern cars; but the performance of modern cars is undeniable even though they are bigger and weigh more than ever. So how is it that all of these modern sports cars (and many non-sports cars) that tip the scales at 3500lbs+ (even over 4000lbs!) drive and handle so much better than light cars of the past?


A perfectly timed shot – the car was doing close to 100mph in this photo.
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A funny thing about exotics…

If you ever see an older exotic car at a show, like a Murcielago or early 2000’s Ferrari, take a look at the manufacture date on the tires.  A funny thing with these cars is that its fairly rare for people to put many miles on them, and therefore, their tires never ‘wear out’. Furthermore, lets face it, virtually all of the people that own these cars are not ‘car people’ and don’t care enough to replace tires anyway. So, it ends up being that many of these cars have the factory tires which are possibly now over 10 years old and are as hard as hockey pucks. Maybe that’s why there’s so many lame accidents with exotics…