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Adjustable end-links for classic muscle cars

How to make sway-bar end links that are adjustable for classic cars.

Murcielago design flaw?

The Lamborghini Murcielago is an awesome car with an amazing v12 engine and equally impressive stats. The car is a major leap forward from anything that Lamborghini has made in the past; but the car does have its quirks.

How cars have progressed since the 60’s

I was watching the latest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage where hes talking about his 1966 Ford Galaxie restoration; after seeing this, you can really appreciate how far cars have come in terms of handling and braking.

Stop and weight! A 50/50 weight distribution is not optimal

A big selling point to a lot of cars is that they have a perfect 50/50 weight balance. This leads a lot of people into believing that this is optimal as far as weight distribution is concerned. I guess this would raise the question: Optimal for what?

Cars just dont explode

Hollywood has tricked many people into thinking that if a car is on fire, it will explode. Nothing could be further from the truth!