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Cars I can’t believe reached production

There is a number of cars throughout history that seem so strange or bizarre that I honestly cant believe they reached production – let alone what they were thinking when they designed them. There is a few exceptions, but virtually all of them came from GM. Lets take a look at these unusual cars and […]

UTQG and Treadwear explained

I wrote a while back about the SCCA treadwear rule and really how it makes no sense. But there is something that can be learned about a tire from its treadwear number.

Why are there no Naturally Aspirated Diesels?

Recently at a Cafe, a young couple sitting next to me were taking about turbos (what are the odds!). Thinking that this conversation was right up my alley, I got talking with them and they asked me a question that caught me off guard: why are there no naturally aspirated diesel engines?

Understanding turbo choke

I have always wanted a turbo engine. Now that my engine is at the end of its life I now have the opportunity to build one from the ground up. This gets into a whole mess of other issues that connect back to my earlier post about the limitations of the Gen 1 Chevy Small […]

Flowmaster Pro Series Muffler Review

A while back I received this Flowmaster Pro Series muffler as a promotional item from I have been sitting on the muffler for quite some time when after an alignment shop somehow managed to damage my exhaust, I had the perfect excuse to install it. I can now finally report back on this interesting […]

The best deal in track-day tires?

Because this sport is so expensive, I’m always looking for the best deals to get me on the track cheaply – and I just might have just stumbled upon the perfect tire for track days.

Why Paul Walker was important.

With the new Fast and Furious 7 movie in theaters now, I have seen a lot of traffic to my post about Paul Walkers tragic accident. His accident received a lot of attention when it happened and has been renewed with the new movie. I have seen some comments about the level of attention his passing has received; […]

Aston Rapide wrapped in Alcantara is so luxurious

  Not only does it give the car a soft luxurious feel, but it also hides dents! Very eco-friendly as well since you no longer need to wash the car; instead, it is simply vacuumed. Photo taken by a friend in Irvine.

Ever been ripped off by a mechanic?

If you use one, chances are you have. Strangely enough, since I always have done my own work, I have never known how bad it was. It wasn’t until a friend contacted me and wanted my opinion on what he thought was an unusually high bill that I learned that the business model of these […]

The Corvette and the future C7

A friend of mine who has owned many Porsche’s and exotic cars over the years is, to the shock of his exotic car friends, looking to get an older Corvette Z06. This has made me think a lot about the Corvette and some of the BS that the big magazines publish about every new Corvette […]