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Carroll Shelby dead at 89… So what?

With the recent news of Carroll Shelby’s passing, many automotive media outlets are praising his life as one of the most important automotive innovators to have ever lived. But, I have to say that I have never been impressed by Carroll Shelby and I really don’t know what to think of him. I think that […]

Why Italian cars catch on fire

With the news of a brand new Aventador catching on fire, it seems like a trend in various mid-engine Italian cars burning down continues.

Driving an RC car on the street… In traffic

So how can you keep yourself entertained in off season? RC cars can be a lot of fun…

American road racers?

I was thinking about American brands that have participated in road racing – either by factory or private teams. While all American brands have participated in road racing in one form or another, there seems to be one brand that’s virtually a no show…

Battery tenders and maintainers

After a few weeks of little use, a friend of mine went out to start his car to find that it was dead. I recommended he get a battery maintainer that he can simply leave on his battery so that it will keep it at full charge. Many people know these as “Battery Tenders” which […]

The F1 Turbo Era

I found this great video on the development of a new F1 engine at the beginning of the turbo era. This video is quite long so I suggest you sit back and relax with an adult beverage of your choosing.

*Breaking News* – I’m now on Twitter

So I finally decided to get on Twitter so I can relay my automotive thoughts as soon as they come to me. I think this outlet will serve me well since I run into interesting automotive related things almost everyday – but are really not enough to write a full length posting about. Late in […]

Why alternative engine designs have never met much success

We have had piston and poppet valves longer than we have had the internal combustion engine. But over the years, there has some been some different ideas and engine designs that have tried to challenge the traditional piston engine… All have failed.

Shift 2 UNLEASHED review

I recently picked upĀ  Shift 2 UNLEASHED off of steam for $15 during a sale. I have the previous title which I thought was a solid and fun racing game even though it had exaggerated physics. This new game improves on the old game quite a bit, but suffers its own problems. Even still, its […]

An unlimited spec series?

I recently learned about the new ALMS: Unlimited Racing Championship series coming in 2012. This series is supposed to be a throw back to Can-am and features big block powered cars with 60’s Can-Am styling, but with modern safety standards. But to me, this series seems disappointing before it has even begun.