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Setting the correct pinion angle

When you open a shop manual for setting pinion angles or look it up online, generally, they give a specification for what it should be for your car. But, if your car has been modified, which it most likely is because you’re reading this, the pinion angle listed probably wont work. My car was designed […]

Are 8+ gear slushboxes the future of transmissions?

With paddle shifted robotized (Electrohydraulic) transmissions being all the rage, are their days already numbered before they have even come into wide spread use?

What is double-clutching?

Doing a quick Google search reveals that this question has been covered quite a bit, but I found that the explanations not to be very clear or completely wrong. I thought I would try to answer this question as if I were giving it to someone with only limited automotive knowledge… Although the concept of […]

Dog engaged transmissions aka the “Dog Box”

It seems a lot of people are interested in transmissions with straight cut gears due to their use in high performance applications. Because these gears are typically designed for racing they usually have the option to be dog engaged – which is a synchroless design. Few people are familiar with dog engaged transmissions since they are […]

Does going into drive while still reversing damage an automatic transmission?

I was the designated driver the other day and was driving some of my overly sensitive friend’s home in one of their cars. I pulled out of the driveway into the street and then went along on our way. But, apparently I had made a grave sin in the eyes of my non-technically inclined, non-car […]

Straight cut gears vs helical

Many car enthusiasts are familiar with the high pitch whine a transmission with straight cut gears makes, but not many people know why race cars use straight cut gears.