Confirmed: C7 Corvette to have greater rear weight distribution

I attended a special viewing, question and answer session of the new c7 Corvette at the Chicago Auto Show.  At the end of the session, I was able to ask Harlan Charles and Kirk Bennion – Corvette product and design managers – about the weight distribution of the car…


The viewing really didn’t cover anything that hasn’t been already by the media press. But I’m glad I went because I got to ask the question about the weight distribution. The answer I got from Mr. Charles was not exact because he said the car was still in pre-production and could change a little, but he did say it will have more of its weight distributed on the rear but still be close to 50-50.

My guess is that the weight distribution will be around 51 or 52% rear.

A question asking about the curb weight of the car also came up, but again, the answer was not exact due to the status of the car. I’m expecting it to be close to where the outgoing Z06 was.

c7rearSmall c7frontQsmall

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