Dont bet on natural gas anytime soon

As you know from a previous posting that I am a supporter of natural gas as a cleaner alternative to the energy options we have available right now.

I was just watching Jim Cramer’s Mad Money where he was interviewing Steve Mueller, CEO of SWN on the topic of natural gas. Jim Cramer also sees the potential that natural gas has and is thus a big supporter of it and companies that produce it. During this interview, Jim asked various questions about the future of natural gas including if there was any progress in Washington. The answer Mr. Mueller gave on this was ‘There was talk’.

Like I said before, I believe the political pressures against natural gas are so great that we will not be seeing much progress from it on the energy front for years. From an investment standpoint, it does look like we will be exporting it, but this also looks like its going to take some time.

Bottom line, I don’t expect to hear anything about natural gas unless the price of oil goes to crippling levels.

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