Track day footage

Did a track day at the Autobahn Country Club on the 6th. I have been building this car for some time, so it was quite an accomplishment to have it finish the day in one piece and able to drive it home.

We ran the full course configuration and my best time for the day was 2:58.384 as timed with an AIM Solo. I think there is still a lot of time left still left on the table, my line could be a bit better and I’m fighting a rear brake hop issue that is preventing me from braking at 100%. These cars are horribly inefficient at braking with nearly 58% of the weight of the car over the front tires (with a full tank of gas and me in the car, its about 55%) and having poor suspension geometry that I swear has no anti-dive.

The car also exhibits a lot of oversteer. I believe lowering my panhard bar will help with that, but as it is right now, its sure a hoot to drive. The car slides everywhere but is very controllable.

Here is my best lap of the day. Lots of room for improvement.

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