Adjustable end-links for classic muscle cars

I came up with this adjustable and bind-free sway-bar end link for my 3rd gen F-body

When I started getting serious about making my car handle and corner-weighted it, I found that the factory sway-bar end links to be totally not up to the task and just a bad design in general.

The OEM style end-links

Honestly, I’m shocked that no one else figured this out. As you are probably aware, the factory style end-links have rubber bushings on the ends which reduces the effect of the sway bars and causes binding issues. Also, they are not length adjustable so it becomes impossible to properly corner weight and level the car. I know there is some end links out there that have a rod end on one side and a OEM style other end, but that still has the compliant bushing in there and the binding problem.

The thing to note about doing this is to keep the chassis side of the mount directly over the hole in the sway bar. The suspension has a swing to it, and if the link is at an angle, it can turn into a toggle. This can be an issue when you lower the car because the arc of the suspension can really move things around. For this reason, it makes it harder to do this on the front end and a new chassis mount might be required or a new location in the control arm.

I got a feeling my “Milmont” style of end links here is going to be copied by every major suspension tuning company that makes parts for these cars. I used Teflon lined rod ends for this and a ” [ ” shaped link to connect to the two. This is very easy and cheap to do.

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